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Nothing short of awesome!

Renting from Jason was an awesome blessing for my bandmates and I on our first road trip to Nashville. Jason was very professional and thorough to make sure we had everything we needed for our trip. He also went out of his way to check in during our trip to make sure we were having a great time and that everything was working well with the RV Sprinter. I would highly recommend renting from Jason! He not only keeps the sprinters in tip-top shape but also makes sure that your experience is nothing short of awesome.”

- Cyrena, Lead Vocalist of Seed, Minneapolis Rock Band

Just what I’ve been looking for

5 out 5 Stars! We have been wanting to have the RV experience without buying an RV, or without driving a house. The Sprinter Van was perfect for us. I found it easy to drive. We enjoyed the freedom of having everything we needed on wheels. It allowed us to cut ties with the hustle and bustle of our day to day life and just wander, experiencing campgrounds and parks we have didn’t know existed. We have traveled all over the world. This was the first vacation we returned home from rested and ready to go. Normally we are tired, exhausted and needing a vacation from our vacation before re-entering the atmosphere of our world. We were trying to plan our next trip before we even dropped the Sprinter Van off! Jason was incredibly helpful, full of tips, which were incredibly helpful being we had never used an RV before. He went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. The RV was clean, comfortable and in great working order. Everything we were looking for.

- Natalie Webster, Chief Creator - Webster Effect, Columnist - Podcast Host

Tailgating Bliss

Having the option to rent a sprinter during my sons baseball tournament was an awesome experience! With MN spring weather you are almost guaranteed some inconsistencies. It rained most of the day so “camping out” in the clean, spacious sprinter made everything more manageable. Jason is so easy to work with and really great at prepping you on usage and making you comfortable. Thanks Jason!

- Jessica Revak Milkes